Tips On Being A Great Customer Service Representative

There are hundreds of thousands of people who work in the customer service industry. These positions range from members on Capitol Hill serving the people through government, to the receptionist connecting important calls, to the over the counter cashier handing you the correct change. The purpose of customer services t to make sure the customer is satisfied with the product or services rendered. Every company’s reputation relies on how its employees respond to and assist their customers. Below are some tips to become the best customer service representative when facing a negative customer situation.

First off keep a smile on your face. A pleasant personality and disposition will talk you a long way in the customer service industry. When speaking face to face with clients, make sure you come across as inviting, authentic and cordial. Offer your assistance with a smile and helping hand. Be knowledgeable of your company’s policies and procedures when dealing with issues of every kind.

Next, do not mirror the customer’s language and tone when possible in a positive manner. Remain calm and show compassion and understanding regarding the situation. Create a connection of understanding with the customer and take control of the situation in a manner that makes the customer feel they are receiving the help they requested.

Then you must listen intently to the customer as they explain the problem. After hearing the complaint, repeat the problem to the customer for clarity and complete understanding. This will ensure the customer you understand the situation and are willing to take the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

Make sure you acknowledge the customer’s point of view is taken and will be addressed. Allow the customer to gain composure and show empathy as you resolve any problems. It is crucial to have the ability to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and give the customer the outcome you yourself would desire in the same situation.

Going the extra mile to bring a smile of relief to the customer’s face as you resolve the issue reflects well on you as an employee providing the customer service and the company’s willingness to satisfy its customers.

Now, the customer is calm, and you have a clear understanding of the issue, it’s time to relay to the customer how the issue will be resolved. State the company’s policy regarding the issue and follow through company procedures to resolve the problem.

One of the top skills in customer service is being able to adequately communicate with the customer and keep the customer satisfied.

Remember always use a considerate tone of voice. Refrain from becoming personally involved and defensive. Know your limitations and be willing to get assistance from management if the customer is not satisfied with the remedy you are able to provide.

Call management and explain to them your understanding of the problem. Ask management to assist. Now, step back to allow management to take over the situation. Remaining smiling at the customer and know you have gone the full mile to aid the customer and are now allowing management to take the necessary steps to satisfy the customer with more authority than you.