Argos Customer Service

Argos is one of the leading online retailers in the UK for digital equipment. They offer a large variety of products in store, totaling nearly 60,000. They feature some of the major brands such as Bose, Beats, Samsung, Dyson, Lego, Nespresso and Samsung. They also feature some exclusive brands such as Chad Valley which are not offered in most other stores. They also offer unique services for delivery such as the Same Day Fast Track Delivery and the free in-store Fast Track Collection Service. Thy boast of 29 million customers and serve approximately 1 billion customers online each year.

Argos was founded in November 1972 by Richard Tompkins, the founder of the Green Shield Stamps scheme. The existing Green Shield Stamps scheme stores were rebranded as Argos, and later in the year new Argos-branded stores were opened. In April 2016, the parent company of Argos, Home Retailer Group agreed to a takeover by the leading UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s. Most of the Argos stores were integrated into larger Sainsbury supermarkets.

Argos initially was mainly involved in offering catalog sales, twice a year, with a summer edition and a winter edition. The shopping process involves checking off an order form with the catalog numbers of the products needed. Once the items are paid for at the checkout, customers are directed to an area where they can pick up their purchases. Quick pay kiosks allow customers to skip the checkout lines. In addition, customers can shop online using the website or the mobile app. In addition to the catalogs there are also flyers offering discounts which are offered periodically. These discounts are either on existing products or products that have been discontinued. Due to the increasing popularity of online sales, and the decreasing sales in stores, Argos closed a number of catalog stores and started focusing on its online business. In 2016, Argos merged with the leading supermarket chain in the UK, Sainsbury’s. A number of stores were merged into nearby Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Due to the merger, many Argos stores now provide a much larger selection of digital equipment as well as provide catalogs for a large customer base.

Argos is heavily involved in social and humanitarian efforts. They support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and their priorities are combating poverty and inequality, fighting for social justice and tackling climate change. Argos has been actively supporting local charities and volunteer efforts.
Argos business phone lines are easily accessible for preferred customer service. There are multiple Argos business phone lines available to expedite customer service for the large volume of customers. The Argos number for Website and Order inquiries is 0345 640 2020. The Argos number for General and Store inquiries is 0345 640 3030.