Barclays Customer Service

Barclays Bank Makes Customer Service Look Easy

Customer service and transparency at the London based Barclays Bank rank high on the financial institution’s priorities list. The website is simple to navigate and breaks down the needs of the customers based on the level of those needs from personal or business banking to wealth management and corporate banking; each of those categories are further broken down into multiple subsets such as banking services, credit cards, loan assistance, fraud protection, investment materials, mortgage education, and service and support.

The service and support category provide the traditional services expected from a bank. Barclays Bank customers can find a branch location, look into fraud protection, file a complaint online, or obtain contact information. Customers of Barclays can contact individuals for assistance by telephone 24/7 including holidays, via Facebook messenger, or even Twitter. As a company, Barclays makes themselves available to their consumers with ample means of communication available. It is worth noting as well that Barclays has worked to include all of their customers in their website experience, including individuals who are experiencing difficult times in their lives. There are dedicated hyperlinks on the Barclays website for individuals who are struggling with the loss of a family member and the legal steps the involved party must take after the loss; these individuals are able to access the Barclays Bereavement services as well. Customers who have found themselves in a financial tight spot are able to access a variety of services as well including living with a reduced income, living with debt and illness, struggling to budget, dealing with a gambling addiction, and coping financially with loss; Barclays offers the personal stories of the men and women who have dealt with those worries in their lives and how the company was able to support them through it. Barclays Bank takes a stance on the importance of their customer’s mental health and highlights their willingness to assist a customer who is struggling in any way they can including changing the mode and frequency of communications from the bank if it is causing undue anxiety or stress.

Financial institutions are responsible for some of the most valuable assets an individual has and Barclays Bank takes that responsibility and privilege head on. Whether the bank is taking steps to ensure a family’s well-being after a devastating job loss or making themselves available by telephone and social media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any customer questions, Barclays is successful in the customer service business.