British Airways Customer Service

British Airways is an international airline offering year-round low fares. They are based at the British Airways Plc, Waterside. Prior to the airline, there was BOAC, BEA, BSAA, and the pre-war Imperial Airways Limited. British Airways employees are dedicated to serving every single one of their customers. They strive to give their flyers a great experience.

British Airways allow customers to purchase a ticket for a certain time and day through the website. United States customers would need to call the toll-free British Airways telephone number 1-800-AIR-WAYS. The airline does have a no-show policy where the ticket is only active for transportation from departure to arrival. They do allow changes to the ticket, but the customers would have to call them ahead of time. It can change the value of the ticket and the travel plans itself. Name corrections are done by calling British Airways. Unfortunately, it can add extra fees for the ticket. If a customer bought a ticket somewhere else, then the name change has to be done through that seller. British Airways customer service would give the option of buying a new ticket to have the corrected name.

British Airways employees will assist customers whose flights are delayed or have been canceled. British Airways try to ensure that all flights are not delayed or that a flight can depart. When it comes to preventing cancellations, British Airways will try to arrange a flight to be run by another aircraft, airliner, or both. If the flight is canceled, delayed, failing to stop at a place, or if a customer missed a connecting flight the airline has three options.

Option one, British Airways will help the customers get on another flight to that selected destination on their tickets. Customers won’t receive an extra charge. The customer service will extend the validity of the ticket. Option two, they will fly you to the destination on the ticket for the price the flyer paid. The flyer can take the rescheduled flight at their and the ticket convenience. British Airways will not add an extra charge. Option three, they will refund the ticket. The airline can provide additional services where it applies too.

The airline is quick to issue refunds to their customers. It depends if the ticket was bought through the airline or a third party. Customer’s refunds would have to be handled through the respective seller. If a customer has any other problems, they can call British Airways telephone number 1-800-247-9297 or visiting them on their site.

All customers have a right to cancel within twenty-four hours of purchase. If the call center is closed, however, the twenty-four-hour deadline will be extended to forty-eight hours. The airline tries to be open and honest with its policies and procedures. They will provide customers with any information they would need for the flight.

British Airways will go through any feedback they receive. The customer feedback is to ensure that the airline can improve on their services and products. A customer is able to contact them through mail or email. British Airways customer service department will reach out within sixty days of the sent compliant.